Easing the Transition to a New CPA for Your Business

29 Jun Easing the Transition to a New CPA for Your Business

As the saying goes, “Breaking up is hard to do.” Whether it’s a personal or professional relationship, ending it can get uncomfortable and, sometimes, quite complicated. If you’re considering ending your business relationship with your current CPA, the potential complications of switching to a new one may actually make you hesitate. It’s natural to feel daunted by this kind of change, which will naturally involve the transitioning of your business’s delicate financial information. But we can help make the switch smoother and easier. Here are a few tips to follow when switching to a new business CPA in Provo.

Know Why You’re Switching

Before you end your current accounting relationship, take a moment to consider exactly what isn’t working out with your existing accountant. Switching accountants doesn’t do you much good if you end up switching to one that has the exact same problems as your last accountant; and you don’t want to keep passing around your business’s financials every few months as you search for the right one. So, before you jump ship, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What aren’t they offering you? Where is your current accountant falling short of your expectations for your business CPA? There’s no wrong answer here. Perhaps, they do more reactive accounting while you want someone who can advise you on the future financial growth of your business. Make a list of what they don’t give you, so you can make sure the next accountant you doesn’t fall short in the same ways.
  2. What do you love about your current CPA? Hopefully, even though things aren’t working out, you can still think of a few redeeming qualities about your current business CPA. What do they provide you that you need your next accountant to offer as well?
  3. Does the next one you’re planning to work with offer all the things you’ve listed above? As we already stated, you don’t want to be hopping between accountants too frequently, so make sure you find an accounting firm that gives you everything you need for your business.

You probably have solid reasons for wanting to switch to a new accountant; simply make sure you know exactly what those reasons are, so that you can avoid having the same issues with your next CPA.

The Breakup Process

Now comes the hardest part: saying goodbye. Lucky for you, your relationship with your current CPA is actually one that you can have someone else terminate for you, if you don’t wish to do it yourself. After we’ve established a formal relationship with you, we can send an Ethical Letter of Takeover to your former CPA to let them know that we will now be handling your financials. From there, we’ll begin the process of moving your company’s information over to The Accounting Guys.

However, we do recommend that you be a part of this transition process. Your participation makes it easier to ensure that all information is properly transferred over to our accountants, and can make the process go more smoothly.

Transitioning Your Data and Documents

Once your former accountant knows you’re switching, we’ll handle the bulk of the transition process. We’ll ensure electronic files are safely and securely transferred to us, and any physical documents are received by our offices.

As we receive your business’s financials, we’ll import it into our secure accounting software and get you set up in our client portal. We’ll also begin familiarizing ourselves with your business’s books as soon as possible, examine everything your former accountant sends to us, and double check for any errors they may have made on past tax return and other financial records.

Moving Forward with Your New Accountant

Once we’ve reached this part of the process, you should be fully separated from your former accountant and be established as a client here at The Accounting Guys. We pride ourselves on doing more than just reactive accounting; we become your business’s partner for future growth and improvement.

Contact us today to learn more about how our business accounting services can help your company grow. And if you’re looking to make the switch to a new business CPA in Provo, we can help you make a smooth, easy transition from your old accountant.

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