CDK Lightspeed®EVO Bookkeeping

Accounting with Lightspeed®EVO

When you opened your business, it was likely because you had a passion for the products you were selling and the lifestyle they provided. Odds are, it wasn’t because you loved accounting. But managing your business’s books is an essential part of day-to-day operations.

Lightspeed®EVO is the best software in the business, but you need someone who can help keep everything straight make sure that your numbers are where they should be.  At The Accounting Guys, we’re not only experienced CPAs, but we’re professionally trained in using Lightspeed®EVO, a software designed specifically for your powersports business.

How We Can Help Your Business Grow

Our CPAs are long-time professionals in the accounting industry, and while there are bookkeepers in every city, none offer the in-depth knowledge we have of Lightspeed. Our experience with this program allows us to work more efficiently for companies that specialize in powersports. This deeper knowledge of your industry allows us to:

  • Correct errors in your accounting system quickly and efficiently.
  • Identify and correct issues with your processes.
  • Offer customized accounting assistance to meet your unique needs.
  • Give direct accounting and tax advice for issues specific to your business.

Our ultimate goal is to make your books clear, simple, and accurate, so that you can easily understand them. We can take inaccurate and unusable books and turn them into something that provides valuable data and insight into your business—a tool you can use to guide your company’s growth.

Services We Can Provide

Our qualified and experienced CPAs can work with your business to provide the following services each month as part of our standard package:

  • Review of accounts and balances, including listing of potential errors in all financial accounts
  • Monthly Financial report package, which includes:
    • Balance sheet
    • Trailing 12-month income statement
    • Year-over-year comparative income statement
    • Statement of cash flows
    • Financial ratios and trends
  • Consultation with our experienced and professional staff members

We also offer the following services, which can be added to your package:

  • Lightspeed® EVO report creation and customization
  • Manufacturer report creation for all manufacturers
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Payroll plus integration
  • Chart of accounts and sales category mapping

While there are CPAs and accountants across the country, there’s only one accounting firm with specialized training in Lightspeed® EVO, and an in-depth knowledge of your industry’s financial needs—The Accounting Guys. We know your industry, and we know how to make your books work for you. Put that knowledge to work for you, and watch your business grow.